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WAKE UP. WASH UP! Why doing housework could help cut stress and anxiety

Household chores are rarely top of anyone’s list of favourite things to do, but who knew that putting these tasks off can actually have a negative effect on wellbeing?

Far from just being unsightly to look at, mess is recognised as a significant source of stress. All that clutter bombards our minds with excessive much so that a correlation has actually been found between how ‘stressful’ a home is rated, and degrees of low mood and fatigue. It’s no wonder, then, that doing housework for just 20 minutes has been shown to help cut stress and anxiety by 20 percent. This must be why 82% of us prioritise a good de-clutter as part of our deep clean, so found a recent study by Vileda.

This effect is owing partly to the ‘tidy house, tidy mind’ theory, but equally...there is a mindfulness element to some household tasks that can also be credited with their strangely relaxing effects. For example, washing dishes mindfully (by focusing on the smell of the soap, the water temperature, feel of the bubbles etc) has been found to lower nervousness levels by 27%. And another little known fact...a clean, orderly room can also make us more likely to eat healthier!

Facts and figures aside, the problem of squeezing these everyday, mundane chores into everyday life still remains, and that’s before we even begin to broach them with the recommended intentionality and awareness. As with many things, however, a little and often approach goes a long way! Just 20 minutes cleaning/tidying either first thing in the morning, or as soon as you get in, can be enough to keep the balance of work load at a manageable, low-stress level.

20 minutes is an amount of time that is easy to rationalise, and it is enough to help you stay on top of the game, especially if you maximise your efficiency with the right cleaning products. Don’t believe us? Why not see what difference these cleaning cupboard essentials could make to your daily routine:

Marigold gloves:

Marigold Gloves for Sensitive Skin (RRP £3.00) are both latex-free and lined with a comfy, breathable cotton. They also boast longer cuffs and fitted wrists, making them the perfect way to protect hands against common household irritants when cleaning.

Marigold Squeaky Clean Microfibre cloth

This next generation cleaning cloth (RRP £1.99) locks in liquids with its unique super-absorbent coating, heping to give a perfect, smear free finish to even the shiniest of surfaces.

Marigold Cleaning Me Softly

These non-scratch scourers have a unique layer which quickly lifts and breaks down stubborn dirt, grime and burnt-on food without damaging delicate surfaces. They are perfect for all your kitchen cleaning needs, and have a hygienic easy-to-rinse surface which also stays cleaner for longer.

Vileda 1-2 Spray Microfibre Flat Spray Mop

This ready to use mop is idea for cleaning larger floors and under furniture quickly, since it has a large flat microfibre head which not only pivots, but also emits a fine spray of cleaning solution on demand. This mop is perfect for in between cleaning of all hard floor surfaces, including wood, tiled, vinyl and laminate.

Once you’re all kitted out, why not try implementing these tried and tested cleaning hacks, to help keep 'mess stress' under control this summer... and beyond:

1 Diarise “clean kitchen ” every morning to help hold you accountable

2 To get cupboards gleaming, mix 1 part white vinegar to 3 parts water and use with a Marigold Cleaning Me Softly to scrub away dirt

3 Rub shower doors with half a lemon (to cut through soap scum) before wiping down with a Marigold Squeaky Clean Microfibre cloth

4 Make cleaning fun with music! You’ll likely find the time will pass much faster!5 Adopt the ‘one cup’ method. One person = one glass/mug Sponsored by Vileda / Marigold

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