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Picnic For One

It has always been said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but many would hasten to add that LUNCH is also where it’s at, and not just on the nutrition front!

Come lunch time, most of us are not only hot on the heels of some midday sustenance, but also some time out, a change of scenery and a good dose of fresh air (they don’t call it a lunch ‘break’ for nothing!). Despite this, there is a worrying trend towards dining ‘al desco’ rather than ‘al fresco’ in these time-pressured, busy times! Tucking in to the latest superfoody conconction whilst attempting to multitask eating with working might seem like good compensation, but the reality remains that there is more to a healthy lunch than WHAT you eat. Just as important are the ‘who, ‘when’, ‘where’ and ‘how’, the long and short of which is that home made, eaten slowly, away from distractions and stresses, and seated comfortably is the best recipe for feeling full, satisfied... and having an energised, craving free afternoon! If there is one approach to ticking all these boxes in one go, the picnic has to be it, which is especially convenient given that it’s now National Picnic Week.

It’s sometimes assumed that you need a party of people in order to make a picnic, but with so much of the joy of al fresco dining hinging on peace and quiet, there is just as much to be said for the solo, impromptu pitch up in a park as there is for a mass blanket banquet. If you’re keen to give it a go, why not create your favourite sandwich using Gradz sourdough chia seed bread, made by Master bakers Agnes Gabriel and Romuald Damaz who specialise in the tradition of continental-style baking. Gradz have always been passionate about making healthy, delicious bread, which is reassuring for those endeavouring to follow the '#whomademyfood' trend... a product of the food authenticity movement if ever there was one. With sandwich prep complete, all that remains is to grab a blanket and get out into the great outdoors. One thing worth keeping in mind, is that while green spaces are great, they are not the be all and end all of a picnic lunch habit. In fact, some of the best al fresco lunches are made in the least stereotypical picnic places, as the ‘spontenous picnics in London’ video produced by National Picnic Week goes to prove.

Keep an open mind and an eagle eye, and the 'rest' will surely follow! Sponsored by Gradz

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