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Sun’s out, shoes off!

It’s arguably one of the best conveniences of summer....the ‘no faff,’ slip-on-and-stride-out slinky footwear that we’ve been waiting all year to unearth from the shoe cupboard. And now the opportunity is here... hurrah!! From flip flops, to sliders, to strappy heels....the options are endless, but unfortunately so too is the potential for a foot hangup or two throwing a spanner in the summer foot styling works! Unsurprisingly, our feet are often the most neglected parts of our bodies. Tucked up in shoes and socks for the most part of every year, and bearing some of the biggest brunt of our busy lifestyles, it’s no surprise that by the time the big summer unveiling comes around, we’re a good pedicure short of being able to put our best foot forward. Finding the time to squeeze in a restorative foot treatment (especially in time for an imminent holiday, wedding, or other open-shoe-requiring event) is always half the battle, since dryness and cracking are among the kind of issues often only picked up in the 11th hour, when neither a pumice nor polish will likely suffice! In this case, one way to help freshen up and refresh your feet in double quick time is with the LOVA|SKIN cosmeceutical foot peeling application. It works in under 2 minutes, and is a unique blend of swiss glacier water, advanced exfoliation actives and plant extracts which help bring rough feet back to life. Simply spray to cover the soles of your feet or targeted area, wait 60 seconds, use the professional foot file to remove excess dead skin, then rinse your feet with water and dry.

By helping recover the softness and beauty of your feet, the LOVA|SKIN system works just as well as a pre holiday beauty hack as it does as monthly maintenance approach for foot comfort and confidence, even on the most impromptu of occasions - whether it’s a yoga class or a rare sunny day in a season more befitting of wellies! So while chance might be a fine thing when it comes to the weather, this luckily isn’t something we need to leave our foot readiness to... Sponsored by LOVA|SKIN /#ad

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