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‘Active Eating’ - the latest health trend that is transforming the way we snack

Just when we thought we knew all there was to know about leading an ‘active’ lifestyle, in comes the idea of ‘active EATING’ in all it’s curious, health giving glory!!

Despite the implication, ‘active eating’ is not so much a challenge of trying to move and munch simultaneously (this we wouldn’t advise!), but rather it is a a way of enjoying foods which have had their nutritional components ‘switched on,’ so to speak. Nuts,seeds, grains and pulses can all be ‘activated’ by a process of soaking them in water and salt for a period of time. This helps break down and negate something called ‘phytic acid’, which then kick starts the germination/sprouting process. All the while, nutrients and energy are being released, and any ordinarily hard to digest components broken down. After soaking, the nuts are roasted at a low temperature until they are dehydrated. With all this stored nutritional potential in mind, it makes sense that we could all most likely benefit from adding an ‘active’ element to our diet, not only as a way to increase intake of essential nutrients (B vitamins, magnesium and zinc) but also to give our generally overtaxed digestive systems a bit of a helping hand. As a side benefit, regularly consuming more nuts and seeds helps towards supplying all the protein (amino acid) building blocks that are necessary for the body’s repair and maintenance processes, while the unique combination of healthy fats and protein found in nuts can be a useful tool in regulating appetite, energy and weight.

Inspired by the amazing health benefits of activated nuts, Nutmad founder Michaela Hardt started out on a mission to master the art of activating nuts herself for family and friends. Such was her passion for the resultant unique and healthy snack creations, that the up and coming Nutmad brand was borne as an easy and convenient way of helping other health conscious snackers make more informed food choices that ‘actively’ support their health goals, be it fitness gains, more energy or an inside out approach to overall wellbeing. Sponsored by Nutmad

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