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Coconut Nice!

Coconut has been a front runner on the health scene for quite some time now, and is unsurprisingly a common feature in modern diets and cooking. Who could forget, though, that beyond the nutrition realms, we also have coconut to thank for giving us some of the best in sweet treats and dessert delights! From Pina Coladas to Bounty Bars, Macaroons to coconut ice... the appeal is universal, and the stuff that sweet dreams are made of! From a lifestyle stance, somewhere between ‘clean eating’ and ‘dream eating’ lies a balanced middle ground where goodness and goodies are all part of the same. Here, coconut-ice can pass for something more than just a pink sugar rush.. and all thanks to the power of recipe reinvention, as our somewhat healthier 'how to' goes to prove (see below.) Such is the potential of reinventing treat recipes (specifically to include more health-giving ingredients) that sweet-toothed health advocates the world over are now swearing by this trend as a way of mastering the ‘balanced’ diet that the likes of chocolate-covered coconut would have once negated. Just a small tweak here, and a small sugar-sub there... and the proof of a healthy diet really can be in the pudding after all! Protein Coconut Ice



250g condensed milk 180g icing sugar 70g ground almonds 200g dessicated coconut pink food colouring, optional Method Mix together the condensed milk and icing sugar in a large bowl, then add the coconut and ground almonds into the mix until well combined. Knead the mix and then split into two, before adding a very small amount of food colouring to one half. Knees until the colour is combined. Roll and shape each half into a smooth rectangle, then place one layer on top of the other.

Transfer to a board and leave uncovered for at least 3 hrs to set. Cut into squares and serve

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