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Shades of the day

A slick pair of shades might be the epitome of summer cool, but there’s so much more to wearing a pair of sunglasses than style alone. According to experts, sunglasses should be worn out of regular habit, and not just for outfit accessorising. With the sun’s UV rays always at play, come rain or shine, our eyes are just as susceptible to sun damage as our skin, with regular UV exposure increasing the risk of issues such cataracts and macular degeneration. In fact, an estimated 20% of cataract cases are caused by extended UV exposure. When purchasing sunglasses, it’s important to look for ones that block out 99 - 100% of both UVA and UVB rays. With sustainability becoming an ever-more important factor in our buying decisions, it also pays to look for plastic-free frames where possible which don’t add to the wider plastic waste problem that is contributed to (in part) by the 37,543 pairs of sunglasses that are scratched, broken, and lost every year. In terms of alternatives, bamboo is quickly putting plastic frames in shade (no pun intended) in the style ranks, so why not check out the likes of @freshforpandas before settling on your new pair of summer shades!

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