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Healthy junk food swaps

While there is nothing wrong with having a treat once a while, the truth is that we just can’t live on (healthily) on pizza and ice-cream every-day, as our bodies require more nutrients and vitamins to work at an optimum level. I personally have a massive sweet tooth, while my husband is all in for savoury, so we have tried many junk-food-swap-recipes and restaurants to satisfy both our cravings and our nutrient intake over the years – below some of my favourites options! Let me know if you try any of them!

My ice-cream swap: For those who are vegan, lactose intolerant or just prefer a healthier version, you can make a lovely “nice-cream” with some ripe bananas. Check how on this recipe link:

My Nutella swap: As topping for pancakes, porridge, apple slices, or even the traditional bread option, this Nutella-swap with actual hazelnuts and no cane sugar doesn’t disappoint (it never lasts long in my house!):

While it requires some work to get the consistency out of the base, this cauliflower pizza by Chocolate Covered Katie is always a win (particularly with the little ones, just don’t tell them it’s cauliflower!), and you can customise it with any toppings you fancy:

If you live in London and want a real pizza, but still want to keep the nasties to a minimum, I highly recommend Wandercrust. They make the dough just like in Naples, using the freshest toppings, and they also have an excellent gluten-free base and vegan cheese… I never feel bloated or heavy after eating their pizza!

Author credit: Judit Soria

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