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Ways with... bananas!

Where would a healthy diet be without bananas? The ultimate foodie failsafe, they’re THE best solution to adding more haste AND taste to our everyday nutrition. From food on the run, to healthy baking fun, there’s scarcely a morning smoothie or muffin recipe that won’t benefit from the irresistible sweetness and substance of this most popular fruit. On average, each person in the UK eats 10kg bananas a year (about 100 bananas) and given the versatility and all-round deliciousness of this fruit, it really is no wonder. Throw one in your gym bag, or keep it on your desk for those emergency mid-afternoon hunger pangs! If you forget to eat it, all is not lost, since there’s high hopes for even the blackened and bruised ones hinged on the wonder that is banana bread.

Besides being energy-boosting, filling and convenient (what other food do you know that comes in it’s own wrapper?!) bananas could help you to feel happier, as they contain tryptophan, a type of protein that the body converts into the ‘happy’ hormone serotonin. On what is officially National Banana Lovers Day, we’re showcasing the new and novel side to bananas which has been doing the rounds on ‘insta of late... The banana ‘bar’ is not dissimilar in appearance to something you’d grab off a newsagents shelf... but, these have the advantage of being the ultimate energy bar, mid afternoon treat, or after-dinner dessert thanks to the equal nutritious/delicious ratio of the winning chocolate, banana & nut combo!! To make, slice your bananas, spread with peanut butter, dip in crushed nuts (your choice) dip in melted dark chocolate and then chill until set.

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