FACING UP... to the future of food!

Nobody can deny, the vegan movement is fast gaining momentum as THE lifestyle of choice for anyone with an interest in health, nature and the environment.

With statistics showing that the number of vegans in Great Britain quadrupled between 2014 and 2018, it seems the days of this being a belief system of a minority few might now be long past, with many more of us facing up to the reality of where our food comes from, and the environmental and ethical factors in play.

This recent bridge in the knowledge gap surrounding Veganism has undeniably had a large part to play in driving the trend, and equipped with this new found knowledge, we are seeing degrees of plant based naturally filter into wide scale everyday shopping and eating habits.

As with any change in lifestyle, however, finding a starting point is often the biggest challenge. If you’re not of the ‘all or nothing’ mindset, but equally want to do your bit to be more plant based in your choices, then 'veganising' your breakfast and snacks is as good a starting point as any.

Little Hearts Muesli makes a delicious jumping off point for a new and exciting way of eating, offering a mix of healthy, vegan and indulgent muesli bites that can either be eaten in place of your usual cereal, with rice or oat milk for example, or as a snack, straight from the pack.

Each pack of deliciously crunchy heart shaped oat bites contains the daily recommended intake of beta glucans, known to help reduce cholesterol, alongside all the nutrition you’d expect from a whole grain product. Not ony this, they contain no artificial colours or sweeteners, and the convenient packaging means they are easy to carry in your bag for work, the gym or even your children’s lunch box.

From this regard, Little Heart Muesli Snacks are a tasty introduction to not just a healthier way of eating, but potentially… a whole new way of living.

Sponsored by Little Hearts Muesli

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