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COFFEE: The multipurpose kitchen staple that's changing the face of skincare

Sustainability is rubbing off on the beauty industry, and on us....

The days of spending a fortune on expensive, chemical-laden creams are making way for frugal facials using everyday kitchen ingredients.

Doubters might have every reason to be sceptical. After all, how can coffee granules (for example) compare to all those wonder ingredients we’ve been conditioned to believe are THE only way to practice good skincare?

The error in these (somewhat expensive) ways is however now coming to the fore, with more and more of us realising that we can achieve some fairly amazing results using some fairly average ingredients.

And the bonus? There’s no waste, no plastic packaging, and no ‘super serum’ shaped hole in your pocket.

Just use the remnants of your morning filter coffee to give your skin a healthy glow, and use the rest for compost! It’s a triple win situation, and one that anyone with an interest in self care and the planet can’t afford to miss.

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