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With the festive season in full swing, it’s easy to feel like we need to be doing all the things...all the time. .

Buying presents, wrapping presents, watching movies, visiting markets, afternoon teas, carols, light shows, office parties... and so the list goes on. .

Admittedly, some of this hectic vibe is out of necessity (after all, there’s just so much to organise), but arguably there is also a large part of it which is self-created in the pursuit of that all-important ‘chrismassy’ mood. That is, the warm, fuzzy, buzzy, nostalgic feeling that always seems to elude, right up to the last minute, and very often in spite of having watched Love Actually 10 times already...

Admittedly, the thrill of the Christmassy chase can all be good fun, but there is also an alternative school of thought which advocates sitting back, doing nothing and letting the festive vibe come to you.

If you’re not convinced, why not look to the Northen European trend known as Niksen (roughly translated as ‘doing nothing.’) More specifically, it means doing something without a purpose, like staring out the window, or listening to music, and it’s being framed as a potential solution to stress and burnout, making it especially relevant to this time of year.

Carving out time to simply sit and listening to Christmas music, for example, is just one way of getting your ‘niks’ in, and reminding yourself what true downtime feels like.

The benefits range from the emotional perks (less anxiety, namely), to the light bulb moments (great ideas reveal themselves when the mind is left free to wander) right through to the physical advantages that come from taking the time to destress. Before you get too settled in though, advocates apparently urge that periods of doing nothing need to be balanced with an active lifestyle to maximize the stress-fighting benefits.

This in mind, why not celebrate the season of Saint Nic, with the namesakes trend that’s got us all winding in the craziness, for a whole lot of laziness this Christmas!

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