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If Strictly has taught us one thing, it's that dance has value beyond entertainment

Strictly Come Dancing may be well known for the so called ‘curse’ that seems to prevail behind the scenes of each series, but beyond the media storm of romantic unravellings, there is also a ‘blessing’ that the negative press can make it easy to forget.

So much is this the case, that TV producers couldn’t resist tapping into its potential with the now popular ‘Flirty Dancing’ series. If you haven’t seen it yet... check it out!

Dance, after all, can be extremely powerful. Not just from an artistic angle, but also from a bonding perspective. Something to do with being in close proximity with a partner has a lot to do with this effect, but add to this the fun, laughter, and adrenaline boost of music and movement, and what you have is a recipe for reconnection if ever there was one.

With the Strictly Final this evening, the biggest take home from this season isn’t therefore the glitter ball, but instead the impetus to incorporate more dance in our everyday lives, and relationships.

Whether it’s in the kitchen, or in a night club or bar… there’s something to be said for surrendering all inhibitions and throwing dance caution to the wind. Any style of dancing is beneficial, and even a few minutes can be enough to put the fun back into some otherwise mundane meal prep, if nothing else.

Taking this initial small step of practicing some moves within the comfort of your own home, is as good a starting point as any, but for those keen to take it a step further, why not embrace the increasingly popular dance holiday option, such as the Let’s Salsa retreat ran by Lou Casteou in the beautiful French Cote d’Azur countryside next April?

Minutes from the sea, this 4 day luxurious dance retreat provides the perfect balance of focused dance classes, combined with other activities such as water aerobics, coastal treks, boxercise, beach and evening parties and a visit to a Provencal vineyard. Guests will stay at the luxurious chateau on an all-inclusive basis, and the classes are run by some of London’s best teachers and performers.

The event is designed for all ages and levels of dancers, and is open to couples and individuals alike, with more details available at or by emailing

Sponsored by Lou Casteou

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