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Cake for Breakfast: It might be a better idea than you think...

One of the best things about Christmas, arguably, is the excuse that it gives to do things we wouldn’t consider at any other time of year, like eating cake for breakfast!

Rebellious as it might seem, however, there’s a science behind the ‘cake for breakfast’ concept which isn’t all bad. In fact... it’s pretty positive.

According to one particular study, a balanced 600-calorie breakfast - which includes a chocolate cake dessert - proved MORE conducive to sustained weight loss than a low-carb, 300-calorie breakfast.

This is not to say that cake for breakfast is prescriptive, but what it is is a testament to the universal importance of a flexible, non-restrictive approach to nutrition.

The second advantage of enjoying cake first thing, is that body's metabolism is most active in the morning, when we have the rest of the day to burn off the energy.

It’s a logical theory, and one that couldn’t come at a better time, especially now that Gradz Bakery have released their seasonal Gingerbread with marmalade, which is available now from Ocado! Crafted in London by Master Bakers, this deliciously different take on a festive favourite has slow Sunday mornings written all over it. Freshly brewed coffee is optional, but a perfect pairing if you’re not one to be GINGER with the jump starts! Let’s face it, who is at this time of year?!

Sponsored by Gradz Bakery

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