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'Bills have just launched their new vegan menu... and it's a bit of a game changer!'

Eating out is one of the luxuries that many assume will go out of the window (or at least become much more difficult) once you make the decision to go vegan.

It’s just one of the many misconceptions surrounding the plant-based lifestyle, and one that more and more restaurants and eateries are determined to help quash by reinventing their menus around the changing market.

One such restaurant with a point to prove this Veganuary is Bills, who much like many other eateries this month, have just launched their own new vegan menu, and we have to say... it’s a bit of a game changer, especially if you happen to be on the fence about making the switch!


Heading up the vegan menu are Wild Mushroom Soup, Miso Aubergine Fritters and Toasted Focaccia with Hummus and Olives, to name but a few, with the mains options including the popular Carrot and Cashew Nut & Mushroom Wellington, the Jackfruit Salad Bowl, a Spiced Cauliflower & Butternut Squash Falafel Bowl or best of all...the Bill’s Beetroot Steak, which can’t fail to impress even the most unconvinced of carnivores!!

If you’ve still got room for dessert after that (debatable!), then the Frozen Amaretto Parfait is enough to make anyone who ever ventured to suggest vegan food was ‘bland’, to not just eat their words, but also the tastiest pudding to ever bypass the dairy aisle!

Whether you’re keen to get a taste for what vegan food is all about, or if you’re just looking for somewhere Veganuary-friendly to enjoy an even friendlier social, then Bills might just be worth a look in. Plus, if you order any main from the Veganuary menu, you can also enjoy a vegan dessert for £5 (available after 5pm).

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