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'There is a vast array of misinformation about if and how sugar factors into a balanced diet&#39

Given half the chance, most of us probably wouldn’t say no to a bit of jam on toast, but concerns about sugar mean that condiments all too often get consigned to the cupboard come breakfast time!

Whether this is right or wrong is open to debate, and never more so than with Sugar Awareness Week now upon us!

Sugar, as we all know, has had its fair share of bad press, but despite being as far from what you’d call a ‘health food’ as it’s probably possible to get, there IS a ‘but’ to consider before embracing the #sugarfreelife.

The element of doubt - if you can call it that - relates to the vast array of misinformation about if and how sugar factors into a balanced diet.

While it’s true that most of us could benefit from having less sugar, it’s also true that in most cases, it’s perfectly fine to have a little bit.

In moderation, sugar is not the drug-like poison it’s often made out to be, which is why on Sugar Awareness Week, Streamline Foods are helping send the age-old message of moderation and balance when it comes to the sweet stuff.

Their jam recipes contain 30% less sugar - and 40% more fruit - than standard jams, and by slow cooking the fruit pieces, they help to retain their natural sweet flavour.

As we all know, health is more than just cutting down on sugar, so Streamline Foods have also taken care not to use any artificial flavours or colours in their recipes. This includes artificial sweeteners, which as we know, are known to negatively impact both appetite and metabolism regulation. #justsaying

So, if jam is your jam, Streamline Foods reduced sugar condiments might be one way to have your cake (or toast) and eat it, whilst all the while feeling confident of being as sugar conscious as ‘healthy living’ demands!

Sponsored by Streamline Foods

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