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'Just 20 minutes walking can be enough to boost wellbeing AND reduce stress levels'

What better way to kick start a Friday - and the weekend in fact - than with a healthy dose of what some might call ‘ecotherapy’ (and others might simply call....walking the dog)?

Ecotherapy is a new buzzword which describes any outdoor activity which positively impacts our health.

As it looks set to be one of this year’s top health trends, the most obvious way to get on board is by walking the dog (if you have one), borrowing a dog (if you don’t) ...or just walking more generally.

Yes, it’s cold. Yes, it’s sometimes unappealing. But... sucking it up and striding out can and does pay dividends when it comes to overall wellbeing.

This is supposedly all down to the ability of the natural landscape to positively effect the parasympathetic nervous system. So much is this the case, that Finnish researchers found that just 20 minutes walking can be enough to boost wellbeing, mood AND reduce stress levels.

Given that a January is Walk Your Dog Month, simply amping up the pet parent duties might be enough to make ‘ecotherapy’ advocates of even the most reluctant of us yet. If you don’t happen to have a dog, or the motivation to brave the cold, why not borrow one or jump in on a friend’s regular walkies? Just remember to wrap up warm and wear appropriate footwear (top marks for Vivobarefoot on this front) if you really want to reap the rewards of some ‘ecotheraphy’ this January!

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