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Legs Don't Lie

Hold up ‪Shakira‬! We’d be inclined to think you can actually tell more about a lady's mood and intentions by her... LEGGINGS, than her hips!

Leggings, after all, have a definite symbolic meaning in today’s day and age.

From simple and understated, to loud and vibrant, leggings are much more than a functional item of clothing...they are a reflection of how we’re feeling, and how we want to feel!

It’s a theory that the team at Yoga Leggs - home of a new generation of yoga wear - would be the first to agree with! Yes, leggings serve a practical purpose, BUT our love affair with the lycra arguably runs deeper than functionality. It’s not surprising, really, when you consider the camaraderie, conversations and confidence that can flow simply from enveloping your legs in colour and print. There’s even a theory - believe it or not - that if you wear athletic clothing, you become more active and more likely to go to the gym, which adds to the wonder of a great pair of leggings!!

Speaking of great leggings...Yoga Leggs are up there with the best of them with their high waisted, long length, lightweight, silky soft and super comfortable designs. Made of sports performance fabric, they are quick-drying and there’s no need to iron them, making them the perfect pairing for today’s fast-paced and time-pushed lifestyles (and workouts.)

What embracing the #legginglove amounts to, therefore, is as much a ‘leg up’ for your mood... as your wardrobe. After all, you can no more underestimate the power of a pair of vibrant you can the woman wearing them! #theleggingsdontlie

Sponsored by Yoga Leggs #ad

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