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'Shutting the eyes to the outside world, and breathing deeply, can help to free up brain power&#

It’s not very often nowadays, that we get to enjoy the feeling of being calm, collected and in control. More often than not, quite the opposite is what we'd describe as our 'norm', making it all the more important to pursue those moments of ‘quiet wakefulness’ whenever and wherever we can.

Despite popular opinion, such blissful moments of disconnect are easier to grab - and more worthwhile - than we might give them credit for.

Just close your eyes and clear your mind, and breath deeply.

According to scientists, shutting the eyes to the outside world helps to free up brain power and memory recall. When used alongside aromatherapy, visualisation and deep breathing, the practice of entering into this middle ground between being awake and asleep (“yoga nidra”) can have significant and long lasting ripple effects on health and wellbeing.

It’s a technique that was demonstrated in our recent yoga class, where Penny Price products were used alongside this all important ‘disconnect to reconnect’ technique, helping cultivate a moment of calm and awareness to be enjoyed and carried forward.

As our yogis discovered, a little shut eye goes a long way, especially when you’re feeling overwhelmed by the pressures of your day. Simply by resting with your eyes closed, it’s possible to calm the mind and give your overworked neurons a break, which in turn helps the body to relax and destress. This can then increase your creativity, motivation, mood, alertness, creativity, motivation and ability to be productive.

Penny Price products are made by hand to ensure maximum attention and quality, using therapeutic grade oils will give you the best holistic results. Their products are made by independent growers and small farming co-operatives, and all their bottles and jars are recyclable, contributing an all important sustainable element to their products.

As a catalyst to ‘quiet wakefulness’, essential oils can go a long way in facilitating calm, and the best bit is they can be used in almost any context (from a desk de-stress to a doze-inducing bedtime routine) to help promote a more relaxed state of mind.

Just close your eyes, breath deeply (repeat “don’t think, don’t think, don’t think” to for about 10 seconds if necessary)…and the REST, as they say, is history.

Sponsored by Penny Price

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