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The Townsend Twins put the ‘bowling workout’ to the test

Just when you thought you’d outgrown your local bowling alley, along come the Townsend Twins to prove there’s no age limit on the thrill of a strike...AND, it might just be good for you too?!

They visited Rollerbowl in Essex earlier this week to put this ‘bowling workout’ theory to the test...

You wouldn’t think it, but bowling is surprisingly a really good workout, burning up to 200 calories in one hour - though this can vary based on how heavy the bowling ball is, and how many times you bowl!

Bowling also uses 134 muscles, and it can also help improve your balance and increase your hand-to-eye coordination.

‘As only 2 of us played, we had less time to rest, and more time actually bowling - so going in couples is great for fitness! We definitely worked up a bit of a sweat, especially as we are quite competitive! Our scores were 85 (Chloe) and 82 (Francesca), so the best twin won!!

We absolutely loved the fun party atmosphere at Rollerbowl, and they have much more to do besides bowling, including an arcade with a dance mat and ice hokey! They also have great packages online that are suitable for children as well as adults.We cant wait to visit again soon!’

2 player Game Deal £22.00 / more details can be found at .

Sponsored by Rollerbowl | #ad

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