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'Break free from WFH lunch tradition...and soggy sandwiches'

It’s easy to assume that with working from home comes greater control over our food choices and nutrition.

As anyone who has ever tried this will know, however, the opposite is what often tends to be the case.

Home working can challenge our productivity, balance, sanity… and will power, with the absence of structure often sending eating habits awry, along with anything else that smacks of “self care,”

One solution, that we are hearing reinforced more than ever in the past week, is to make lunch an event... even if it is a solo one.

Pre-portion your snacks, and prepare your lunch in advance, all the while being as mindful of nutrition as you are of what your taste buds are telling you.

If you forgo the latter, and the value that lies in a little of what you fancy, the temptation to graze can become all consuming.

Instead, make a bento box containing small portions of your favourite things (cheese, crackers, crudites, salad, dips) and make your midday meal as easy to look forward to as it is to throw together.

By all accounts, lunch is what Moorish do best. Made from naturally and gently cold-smoking chickpeas, Moorish hummus is the perfect complement to a wide range of sandwiches, salads and snacks.

In these 'table for one' times, Moorish gives full permission to enjoy the art of a ‘picky’ lunch. Double dip to your heart's content, crunch like nobody’s listening and savour the solitude in the only way we know how, right now.

The best bit, above all, is that Moorish hummus is a good source of protein and B vitamins, which at a time when we need all the nutritional support we can get, makes it well worth stocking up on.

Why not partner their smoked hummus with your tortillas of choice, and revel in the excuse that National Chip & Dip Day gives us to break free from lunch tradition.. and soggy sandwiches.

Sponsored by Moorish

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