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HOME WORKOUTS - FREE member access until the end of April!

Kitchens, lounges, gardens (even bedrooms) are all doubling up as places to practice yoga, spinning, HIIT training and aerobics as the #stayindoors message forces us to become more creative and flexible with our fitness routines.

In keeping with these changing times and circumstances, we’re partnering with a range of fitness professionals to help bring you daily workouts to suit your fitness goals, mood and the space available to you.

Today, we’re pleased to have the first of five workouts created by the Townsend Twins available to view at

Their exclusive ten minute workout (created just for Health Magazine readers) requires no equipment, and can be adapted to suit your fitness level, making it a great introduction into the world of home fitness.

If you’d prefer something a little slower, check out Helena Wilton’s ten minute home-based flow session, also available on the same link. Over the coming weeks we’ll be growing our stock of workout videos for you to view and enjoy from the comfort of your living room.

These videos will be FREE with all sign ups until the end of April as a way of supporting our readers with their exercise efforts (however big or small) during this period of particular change, stress and anxiety. For more details and upcoming additions to the workout video portfolio, register for updates here.

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