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The #see5do5challenge has landed!

When we’re struggling to get in the ‘zone’ for working out (let’s face it, who isn’t!), a little nudge from a friend can go a long way!

When we say ‘nudge’ ... what we actually mean is CHALLENGE, of course!

The #see5do5challenge sees friends passing the baton of movement motivation, by filming themselves performing 5 exercises, then posting it to stories and tagging 4 pals to do the same. .

Each friend then copies the workout (replacing one move with a different exercise of their own choice) and repeats the process.

The idea is to start a chain reaction of movement, which evolves and changes as it flows to keep the interest value and momentum going.

We’ve kick-started the challenge with @phillipsfit4life @tori__porter @breathefitnessuk and the @townsend_twins!

Head over to stories to see how we all got on!

If you’re keen to get involved, simply jump on the #see5do5challenge and tag us in your posts to keep the movement moving!

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