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The ‘Ice Water Facial’: The simplest (and cheapest) way to spare your skin from stay-at-home stress

Who remembers the ice bucket challenge from a few years back?

Well, it seems it might just be about to make a comeback... except this time disguised as a lockdown BEAUTY HACK!

In the absence of being able to get a real facial any time soon, we’re all having to think outside the box when it comes to sparing our skin from the side effects of stay-at-home stress.

The ‘Ice Water Facial’ is arguably one such solution, and potentially one of the best (and cheapest) #homeskincare ideas that we all have at our disposal.

There are a few ways of ‘enjoying’ the treatment, and the technique is enhanced by the addition of green tea, coffee, or even milk in the ice cubes.

One method is to wrap the ice cubes in a fine handkerchief, wait until the fabric moistens, then use to glide it over your skin.

Another approach is to hold a flannel that’s been immersed in ice water across the face for 15 seconds, and repeat up to five time.

The final option is to actually dunk your face in the icy water.. a technique apparently favoured by Kate Moss!

The technique works by helping to tighten the pores and improve blood circulation, thereby improving the appearance of your skin. It can also enhance the ‘hero products’ in your regimen, including making oils more readily absorbed. .

One word of warning, though. If you struggle with redness or rosacea, experts caution against this ice water technique. An alternative in this case is to apply an ice cube to the roof of your mouth (a receptor site that constricts blood vessels in the face) which can supposedly have similar benefits.

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