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Bored of banana bread? It's time to mix things up...

Banana bread is everywhere at the moment. So much so, that there’s a good chance we might nearly be all nana’d out on the home baking front!

However, don’t throw in the oven gloves just yet, as for every banana that’s on the turn, there are just as many apples and carrots deserving a lifeline!

Why not give them a fighting chance by substituting the namesake ingredient of your favourite banana bread recipe, with whatever happens to be lingering in your fruit bowl?

Sometimes, it’s the unlikeliest of ingredients that produce the tastiest loaf, so don’t be deterred from mixing, matching and thinking outside the baking box!

Carrot and apple? Why not!

Pear and courgette? Let’s give it a go.

In the interests of limiting waste AND broadening our coffee & cake break horizons, an open mind goes a long way... probably further than the finished loaf, in any case.

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