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'Freedom from pollution, heat styling and colouring has given our hair some much needed respite&

It's probably fair to say, when it comes to our hair, most of us have by now gone way past the point of just needing a bit of a trim!

Flyaway ends and inches of colour regrowth aside, however, this period of quarantine hasn’t actually been ALL bad for our hair.

In fact, the freedom from pollution, heat styling and colouring has offered some much needed respite from all the day-to-day dulling and drying agents we were once hard pushed to avoid.

Yes, our hair might well be overgrown, but chances are... its condition is improving under lockdown.

This process of rejuvenation is something that we can all play even further to our hair’s advantage, by using the time and opportunity we have now to supercharge our hair care routine..

It’s an approach that started with skincare, and now the burgeoning trend for home pampering is going to our head, literally, thanks to the help of Organic Oils by Hema.

Organic Oils by Hema is a UK based company, offering a luxurious range of organic products made from blends of the finest, natural and highest quality oils.

Applied to dry hair, their Wild Lemon Hair Growth Oil (formulated with a unique blend of organic oils including Coconut oil, Jojoba oil and Lemon and Rosemary essential oils) can help to lock in moisture and strengthen and condition the hair, which coupled with an air-dry-meets-hair-tie approach to styling, might just lend a new lease of life to our once frazzled locks.

Hema, Founder of Organic Oils by Hema says: ‘Our oil treatments work best when applied overnight. Simply massage a small amount of oil into your scalp and then work your way down to the ends for a deep conditioning treatment. In the morning, wash and style as normal, then repeat once a week to help see a noticeable difference in your hair’s condition.’

Chances are, we’re all going to be fairly quick on the uptake of our old styling routines as soon as hairdressers open, and as soon as we’re required to look a little more groomed than the mermaid hair permits.

In the meantime, however, there’s much to be said for going ‘oil’ out in embracing the low maintenance locks that are saving us endless time (not to mention money) in the hair upkeep department!

With any luck, these new habits will continue to make waves long after lockdown has ended, and maybe even make ‘bed hair’ so on trend that it will consign the days of overstyling (and split ends) to history...hopefully along with the current pandemic!

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