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'Smoothies can help to help fill some fairly significant nutritional voids'

If you’ve ever fallen in (and then just as quickly out) of love with smoothies, then you’re not alone.

Smoothies are one of those things we either can’t get enough of, or we’ve absolutely had enough of.

It’s no wonder really, given the ‘same, same’ risk that comes when blending bananas and berries, day after day, after day!

That said, there is much more to smoothie-making (and drinking) than previous experience might give credit for.

For starters, given the right ingredients, smoothies can help to fill some fairly significant nutritional voids, not to mention support digestive health by acting as a carrier for an all-important dose of microbiome-maintaining VSL3 polybiotics.

Given the link between gut bacteria, and immune system function, this is a particularly important incentive for the many of us keen to take steps now, to help support our gut health.

VSL3 is a very high concentration poly-biotic, with 450 billion bacteria in every sachet. These bacteria come from not one, but eight different bacterial strains, making it a combination poly-biotic with the highest volume of bacteria per dose amongst the leading brands, according to scientific research.

If you’re wondering, after this, how to make your smoothies more exciting and break the banana/berry mould... then here’s a little tip!

Spice things up!

Herbs and spices might not be the first things you’d think of throwing into a smoothie, but they can add an exciting new flavour dimension, plus a whole host of additional nutrients including vitamin A, C, and K as well as iron and calcium.

Why not try adding mint, parsley or thyme, or spices such as nutmeg, cinnamon, ginger or turmeric, for example? These are just some of the game-changer ingredients that it pays to experiment with, and if you’re ever in doubt as to whether the creativity is paying off, just go by your gut feeling!

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