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A BBQ just isn't a BBQ without... WALDORF SALAD!

Isn’t it ironic, that the highlight of a summer BBQ often isn’t the barbecued food itself, but rather the side dishes that go with it?

With National BBQ Week kicking off tomorrow, it’s a fitting time to show our appreciation for the salads and other savoury accompaniments that, arguably, could be a meal in their own right.

Of all those little extras, though, that are most worth loading your plate up with, the Waldorf Salad has to be it!

Call it retro, call it dated...but if there’s one thing the Waldorf is not, it’s conventional.

Arguably, if anything is going to give the modern superfood salad a run for its money, this timeless classic is it. Not because it boasts any stand-out nutrition (although there are some definite selling points for sure), but more because it’s deliciously nostalgic, befitting the mood of today’s average barbecue diner perfectly... or so we think.

So, what are everyone else’s non-negotiables for BBQ Week? Join the chat on instagram.

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