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'There is something of an unease circulating at the prospect of leaving the 'safe zone'

As a return to work, and many more aspects of normality, loom ever closer, there is something of an unease circulating at the prospect of leaving the safe zone that is our homes.

None of us are quite sure how to navigate this process, or how to shake the fear that has inevitably been cultivated during our time indoors.

That said, there are steps we can start to take now, to instil some peace of mind that we’re as prepared as we can be (nutritionally at least) to face this strange new world head on.

Luckily, many of us can attest to having eaten somewhat healthier over the last ten weeks, all thanks to the advent of home cooking, economising, and experimentation in the kitchen.

The result is that our diets have become more diverse, and so more likely to deliver the nutrients we all need each day to help keep our immune systems strong.

With the best will in the world, however, attaining optimum intakes of every key vitamin and mineral is no easy feat, not least because the 'anti-nutrients' that are stress and worry (among other factors) are quick to unravel the benefits of even our best efforts.

This is where Tonic Health can help. Tonic Health has been formulated to support your immune system in times of need, delivering a high strength combination of 1,500mg Vitamin C, 30ug Vitamin D, 25mg Zinc, and over 300mg of powerful plant extracts.

As a compliment to an all-round healthy lifestyle, Tonic Health is a useful go-to for those times when we need an extra helping hand to keep our immune system strong. Simply add a sachet of Tonic Health to warm water, sit back, and enjoy the deliciously fruity fix that goes one step further than simply quenching your thirst!

Sponsored by Tonic Health

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