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'Eating crunchy foods can help provide a physical outlet for jaw and neck tension'

Stress is an unavoidable part of everyday life, with the question of how to ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’ never too far removed from the health equation.

Nutrition, as we know, is one approach...but not always in the way that you’d think!

Yes, on a biochemical level, the connection still stands... but who knew the ‘crunch factor’ could be just as important as the vitamin/mineral content when it comes to helping manage stress?

With evidence that eating something crunchy (granola, anyone?) might help release some of the pent up jaw and neck tension that is synonymous with stress, this is something to keep in mind with regards to our meal/snack choices going forward.

Anyone who knows granola, knows that it demands some serious chewing action, but before you go all out on stocking up your Deliciously Ella stash, it’s worth noting this is just ONE example of a crunchy food you can take advantage of the therapeutic bite of.

Carrots, celery and other raw veg also provide a satisfying ‘chewability’, and might be a better go-to from a nutritional perspective whenever the stress-related crunch cravings kick-in! .

Granted, eating per se isn’t an antidote to stress, nor is it prescriptive, but the nod that this theory gives to the #granolalife and those who swear by it for wellbeing, is a reassuring one nonetheless!

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