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BOWLED OVER: There's no beating the smoothie bowl trend for convenient and healthy breakfasts

Updated: Jul 8, 2020

Once the reserve of cereals and soup, bowls have certainly gone up in the ranks of usefulness in recent years!

From smoothie bowls to breakfast bowls, you’d be forgiven for thinking the secret to making an ‘on trend’ breakfast hinges on this once mundane serving vessel... and to a certain extent, you’d be right!!

For convenience, nothing beats the idea of combining all the ingredients that make a balanced morning meal (and maybe even more besides) and blending or mixing it into one easy-to-eat bowl shaped serving.

This is precisely why, we’d imagine, the idea has taken off to the extent it has, coupled with the fact that these bowls look so exotic you could almost forget that you’re eating at your desk, and not on some sun-drenched beach!

It comes as no surprise, therefore, that the coconut bowl has become THE must-have item that foodies (and beach-dreamers) the world over simply can’t do without.

Hot on the heels of the growing trend are Cocabana, who specialise in real coconut shell bowls which are durable and unique in size, colour and texture. The eco-friendly bowls are made using reclaimed coconut shells from Vietnam, which in turn helps provide an income stream for local farmers, as well as allowing them to reduce their carbon footprint and bypass some of the costs ordinarily involved in disposing of the shells.

Of all the advantages of coconut bowls, it is that they are the perfect excuse not to shy away from getting creative in the kitchen.

As well as this, they bring an unmistakeable beach vibe to mealtimes which, in the absence of being able to get to a real holiday destination any time soon, is something to be savoured… almost as much as the contents itself!

For inspiration just check out the latest #smoothiebowl and #breakfastbowl hashtags on instagram.

Sponsored by Cocabana

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