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Salad for Breakfast

Of all the unconventional breakfast concepts, this one might well be up there with some of the most curious.

That said, it’s not one to be shied away from, at least not before you’ve seen what perks the ‘rise and shine salad’ has to offer!

Starting the day with a salad-based meal may well defy the norm, but this tried and tested way of getting a headstart on the ‘five a day’ RDA, in this regard, means it speaks for itself.

On a side note, the salad brekkie can help break the cereal-eating habit of a lifetime, which can only be a good thing when we consider the nutritional pitfalls of eating the same foods, day-in-day out.

Normally, salads run the risk of falling short on the satiety front, but by teaming watercress and avocado with the basics of a Veggie English Breakfast (complete with This vegan bacon), this is one occasion where opting for the healthy option ‘leaves’ little risk of craving much else afterwards.

With the ‘filling factor’ owing mainly to the winning protein/carb combo of eggs and Strong Roots Cauliflower hash browns, there aren’t many boxes this meal doesn’t tick.

Much like the traditional ‘Full English’ concept, there’s very little to say that this ‘saladified’ interpretation needs to be confined to the breakfast menu, with the basic ingredients lending just as well to a WFH lunch, as the ‘breakfast of champions’ it was intended!

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