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Bright and Early: Have you discovered the joy of a 'breakfast picnic' yet?

There’s something about eating outside in the open air, that seems to make food (and drink) taste so much better!

This International Picnic Day, we won’t need too much persuading therefore, that packing up the hamper and heading for the great outdoors (or even your own back garden) is a winning idea if ever there was one.

Now tradition might have it that picnics take place at lunch time, but those who work by this rule might just be missing out on the joy of embracing al fresco eating early doors.

It’s an idea that Bright Barley, the dairy free barley drink to-go, could well have been made for. Packed up along with some fruit and your breakfast of choice, their Coffee barley drink is one way to take advantage of the slower mornings that we might have the benefit of being able to indulge in at the moment.

Combining a delicious punch of Colombian Arabica beans, balanced by the natural sweetness of bright, beautiful barley, Bright Barley is the ideal breakfast pick me up, particularly when coupled with a dose of early morning sunshine.

The key ingredient, the “ancient grain” long enjoyed for its nutritional benefits, is an all natural, low fat source of fibre, packed with calcium and vitamins D and B12.

As a delicious alternative to coffee or tea, Barley Bright is ideal to keep in the fridge for when the warmer temperatures tempt us to go against the grain of what we know, and towards the irresistible lure of an iced beverage in the sunshine!

Sponsored by Bright Barley

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