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One of the things we’ve become increasingly conscientious about recently, is not being wasteful when it comes to food.

In these days when we’d sooner spend the time getting creative with food remnants, than run the risk of throwing them away... soups are enjoying a long overdue resurgence.

As the perfect way to transform all manner of leftover and unused vegetables into something delicious, nothing beats the blender as a way to reduce waste... and up the taste of our sometimes flagging lunch menu.

Thanks to Love Watercress we had plenty of greens to get creative with, and after blitzing them with sweet potato, onion and stock...came up with this quick & easy watercress soup, perfectly befitting of World Meat Free Week.

Given the reminder this gave as to just how underrated soup is in summer, it will hopefully encourage the #dontbinitblendit movement, and the welcome boost to nutrition it will bring as a result!

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