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BEE HELPFUL: 'Creating a bee-friendly space in the garden can help to protect vital pollinators'

Updated: Apr 28, 2021

Since spending more time at home this last year, many of us would have become much more aware of the abundance of birds, bees, insects in our gardens.

During lockdown, previously declining bee populations enjoyed some welcome respite from the ongoing decline of their natural habitats, as roadside verges (homes to nearly 45% of the UK’s total flora, and 700 species of wildflowers) across the country were left uncut. Less fumes and pollution also meant that bees were better able to detect the scents that lead them to plants.

Bees have a profound effect on the natural world, pollinating one-third of the world's food supply, and contributing around £690m to the UK economy every year (University of Reading.)

With a gradual return to normal life on the horizon, however, the importance of continuing to step up individual conservation practices has been brought to the fore.

One way that we can all make a difference this spring/summer, is by creating a bee-friendly space in our outdoor areas for our solitary bees and bugs to shelter, rest, build nests and lay eggs.

Enter... the Bee Hotel.

Beevive’s Bee Hotel is hand made from FSC certified wood and provides a place of residence for those bees, especially, that don’t live in colonies.

Simply hang your bee hotel securely from a wall or fence in a sunny spot, at least a metre above ground level, and watch as your fuzzy garden friends happily cosy up in the various sized tunnels of this real live eco hotel (Beevive have partnered with One Tree Planted for this project, so for every product sold, they will plant one tree.)

To further support your garden pollinators this spring, Beevive suggest using seedballs to grow a wildflower patch close to your bee hotel, which in turn will allow for ease in gathering nectar in the coming months!

Once your hotel is up and running, simply sit back and enjoy the hive of activity unfolding in your garden, to the delight of both adults and children alike!

Sponsored by Beevive

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