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CHRISTMAS… it really is all around!

Updated: Jan 5, 2022

Let’s sit in a pub, and talk of old times.

Let’s imagine things normal, as we nurse festive wines!

In the quietest of corners, Christmas fills the air.

It might not be loud and raucous, but the magic… it’s certainly there!

Behind the tinsel-tipped tree, and swirling by the fire! There’s no place like a public house, to quench a ‘Christmassy’ desire!

It’s proof if ever we needed it, that Love Actually said it true.

That Christmas is all around… even when it’s just me and you!

The fuss. The farrago - the Christmas spirit might well make!

But without this facade, there’s something we can still all take!

So, here’s to the quiet and unassuming yuletide!

The one where caution and care prevailed.

Where the sounds of silent night, in every venue hailed!

‘Going big’? It wasn’t to be.

The get-togethers and gatherings…well, we shall see!

There’s no doubt we’re missing, all the usual fanfare and hype!

But luckily we also know better, than to underestimate the strong and silent type!!

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