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COPPER LOAD OF THIS! Why the *dry* Moscow Mule might just be summer’s coolest cocktail!

If there‘s one good thing about a heatwave, it’s the excuse it lends to put our feet up with a cool glass of something far removed from our usual hydration habits!

COOL, in this instance, is the operative word, and the reason we’re rolling with the Moscow Mule vibes, complete with the signature copper mug to which this fresh and fiery drink owes its ice-cold reputation.

It’s a little known fact, that a copper mug helps to isolate the cold of a drink, as well as deflect the heat of the sun...and your hand. Such is the reason why we’re heralding the buck, as it’s also known, as this summer’s hottest (coldest) thirst-quencher!

The Moscow mule itself is usually made with vodka, but given we’re going for hydration over hedonism today, we’ve used Clean Co alcohol-free Spiced Apple Spirit, blended with a deliciously chilled Root Co ginger beer – a refreshingly sparkling mixer that come’s complete with two of the Mule’s key ingredients - mint and lime juice.

Root Co is vegan and gluten-free and uses cold-pressed Ugandan Ginger Root, renowned for its strength and high quality. With research linking Gingerol - the bioactive in ginger – with compound anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant and anti-nausea benefits, this key ingredient might just be the addition we need to help counterbalance some of our Freedom Week extravangances.

For many, this latest milestone in the unlocking road map is a significant one to say the least. At the risk of getting too ‘demob happy’, however, we’re taking the celebrations one mocktail at a time, and embracing the change positively… but gingerly!

Sponsored by Root Co

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