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‘Going big and going home are no longer mutually exclusive!’

The ounces… they all add up!

An ounce of barefoot beach walking, mixed with similarly small quantities of other life-affirming ingredients… bodes well for that ‘bigger picture’ of happiness, that has become the holy grail of life hacks in recent years.

We won’t go into the minutia of what those ‘ingredients’ should look like, since this is, of course, subjective.

What’s important, more so, is to avoid the chaser of doubt and apology, that these ‘serotonin moments’ are so often served with.

Unfortunately, the line between exercising self-care and shunning the realities and responsibilities of life, still remains perilously thin… not to mention a subject of much debate.

However, with the mainstreaming of mental wellness continuing afoot, we’re thankfully entering territory now, where going big and going home are no longer mutually exclusive.

We can be walking on the beach one minute, and hybrid working from the hotel bar the next. In this palpable move away from the serotonin-sapping blueprint of keep-calm-and-carry-on… it’s not just the elusive idea of balance that finds acceptance, but autonomy also.

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