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Going ‘OFF-LIST': 'Plans are great, but what of the advantages of a bit of spontaneity?'

We’ve written a fair amount in the last few weeks on the importance of LISTS.

Admittedly, what all this coverage doesn’t give due credit to, is the importance of sometimes (sometimes) going ‘OFF-LIST.’

Plans and tick sheets are great, but what of the advantages of a bit of randomness and spontaneity now and then?

After all, a list is only as good as your resolve and willingness to do the things on it, which let’s face it, can sometimes leave much to be desired.

This is especially the case with creatives, where there is a definite emotive element in productivity. Sometimes, with the best will in the world, we just might not be ‘feeling it’!

Whether the ‘it’ in question is writing content, or going through the email backlog, sometimes you just need the permission to go ‘off list’ and roll with the ‘whatevers’ instead!

To demonstrate, we thought we’d dedicate today’s little square to the subject of jewellery. Just because.

‘What has that got to do with health?’ You might well ask.

In answer, potentially more than you might think.

Jewellery, much like flowers, chocolates, and a whole host of other ‘day-makers’, has the potential to lighten your mood and punctuate daily routines with moments of surprise and delight.

Self-gifting is not a widely talked-about concept, but as an increasingly popular idea, it is backed up by a fairly valid sentiment - one based as much on self-validation, as the feel-good emotions of gifting (even if we are the sender and recipient in one.)

Of course, on the flip side, the line is a fine one, with the contrary argument saying the “reward yourself” message is permeating too far in society, to the detriment of humility.

As always, balance is everything, but right now, we can be forgiven for succumbing to the so-called ‘lipstick effect’ of needing a pick-me-up (or two) to see us through a time of crisis.

What form this takes, is open to interpretation, but not so important as the thought that’s gone into it. #itsthethoughtthatcounts

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