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It’s a Game-Changer! ‘Meet the secret pasta sauce ingredient you’ll wish you’d discovered sooner’

Updated: Oct 28, 2022

When hunger is high, but cooking motivation is low… there’s only one answer to that age old ‘what’s for dinner?!’ question…


In this case, it’s not just any pasta that’s stealing the supper show. It’s THIS… 5-ingredient stroke of squeezy-cheese-Conchiglie genius (if I do say so myself!)

The secret ingredient?

It’s Original Primula - the wish-I-had-discovered-it-sooner stir-in, that packs all the cheesy deliciousness you’ll ever need to transform a simple pasta dish, into something show-stopping.

As the original AND best of the now-extensive Primula range, the delicious versatility of this squeezy classic lends just as well to stirring-in, as it does spreading and dunking, so making it the savoury saviour that ALL the best seasonal sandwiches, snacks and speedy-dinners are made of!

Sponsored by Primula

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