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Let’s talk… LIPSTICK!

Updated: Aug 11, 2022

It’s not everyone’s bag, but everyone’s bag probably has one!


Because it’s just one of those things that FEELS useful, even if the number of times it comes in as such… are limited to ‘when I remember’ and ‘when I’m bored.’

Funnily enough, nothing seems to fill a free five minutes, quite like applying - and then swiftly removing - a coat of lipstick.

The very idea might seem counterintuitive, but being a closet lipstick-wearer CAN have its benefits, even if the only witness to the ‘before and after’ sorcery is the bathroom mirror.

The reason? Colour-wearing confidence is cumulative, and an offshoot of the ‘playing around’ process that boredom and curiosity cultivate.

This is something that the pigment-shy among us should probably keep in mind, before pledging eternal to the chap stick this National Lipstick Day!

Red, pink… or even just a hint, the hue arguably isn’t quite so important, as the part of your personality palette that just seems to ‘pop’ when it’s on your pout!

For this reason alone, the obligatory lippy-at-the-bottom-of-the-bag is - without doubt - the one ‘confidence hack’ that is worth more than some casual lip service!

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