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MICRO-PACKING: How to simplify and streamline your holiday hand luggage

Updated: Sep 8, 2022

Recently, travel has treversed to whole new levels of complexity.

From lost baggage, to delayed and cancelled flights…today’s travellers face no end of potential ‘what ifs’, and the knock-on effects of this trend on the packing process (among other behaviours) has been significant.

As a result, more and more people who are jetting off on holiday this year, are taking a ‘micro-packing’ approach which simplifies and streamlines holiday prep, and allows them to keep everything they’ll ever need for the trip, on their person.

Inevitably, this means that functional and fashionable wearables such as the Beauchamp backpack from Knomo, are rapidly superseding the suitcase standard of old!

Purveyors of stylish, functional bags and organisers, the Knomo range is perfectly suited to today’s carry-on culture, with the Beauchamp - in particular - helping bring travelling-light into the mainstream with its unique design features, including spacious double zip pleat pockets, a sizeable padded compartment, trolley sleeve and secure, padded straps.

If ‘a place for everything, and everything in its place’ sums up your definition of holiday-ready, why not pair the Beauchamp with the Knomo compact organiser, complete with all the pockets and compartments you’ll ever need, for all those little mid-flight essentials?

With ‘precision packing‘ on-point, Knomo travellers aren’t just free from the bane of baggage reclaim, but also the stress of those dreaded ‘I know it’s in here somewhere!!’ moments at the check-in desk!

The result? Hand luggage that doesn’t just lead the way in airport style, but which sets a standard for the stranded-suitcase masses, on how to keep calm… and ‘carry-on‘ travelling!

Sponsored by Knomo #ad

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