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MIRROR, MIRROR! Is ‘make-up meditation’ the mindfulness hack we never knew we needed?

Many would agree, that make-up has been relatively redundant this year, with the burgeoning bare faced movement proving one of the more welcome side-effects of lockdown.

That said, there is a flip side to the make-up-free trend, that anyone who knows the power of a bit of lippy and liner, will probably well relate.

‘Make up meditation’, as it is so-called, is something that not many would have heard of, but just as many would have probably been practicing for years without even realising.

The value of those precious minutes in front of the mirror, going though the make-up motions, is not just in the end result. It's in the process, and the singular focus, self-examining nature of all that blending, brushing, and blushing.

For those who have never identified with meditation per se, THIS is a way of getting on board with the benefits, without having to sit crossed legged on the floor inhaling incense.

Right now, with the Christmas season of wanting to look (and feel) our best in full swing, this approach has never been more relevant. But before you dig into the make up bag, spare a bit of thought for your skin!

Part of the key to a flawless makeup finish, lies in a consistent skincare routine providing the best possible canvas. This is something that British skincare brand Millionaire Beauty are firm advocates of the importance of.

Purveyors of vegan skincare, their range includes a variety of products to help streamline your cleansing routine, and prime the skin for make up. The range is designed to target specific issues like acne scarring, hyperpigmentation and uneven skin tone, using natural ingredients and carefully crafted formulations.

Millionaire Beauty’s range   - which include the highly acclaimed 'Peel and Polish' and 'Super Nova Skin Brightener - might just provide the foundations we need to get our skin 'festive ready' this season... make up, or no make up!

For 20% discount on Millionaire Beauty products use code BEAUTY20.

Sponsored by Millionaire Beauty

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