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WORLD COCKTAIL DAY: ‘Charge your glass with the ultimate alcohol-free Bramble!’

Updated: May 13, 2021

At this time of year, the delight of a cheeky cocktail takes on a whole new appeal, and even more so with the added sway of World Cocktail Day.

It’s the annual observation that brings Happy Hour into the mainstream, but in the interests of keeping a clear head on this Thursday afternoon, we’re charging our glass with the ultimate alcohol-free Bramble!

With all the fruity punch of a traditional Bramble, ours is made using Juniperl Distilled 0% ABV Spirit instead of standard gin. The fruity, sweet tartness is everything you’d expect from this classic blackberry and lemon-based tipple, but this one comes without the usual chaser of a sore head!

Crafted from Real Gin Botanicals, Juniperl boasts a juniper, rosemary and grapefruit flavour, with notes reminiscent of real Gin, minus the alcohol. Not only this, Juniperl is Vegan and Allergen free.

With a taste that is versatile enough to pair with tonic alone, or use in place of gin in many and varied cocktail recipes, this is arguably the drinks cupboard must-have for heading into the summer season.

For hump days, wish-I-was-on-holiday-days...and every cold-drink-demanding situation in between, Juniperl is raising our spirits... one mocktail at a time!

Sponsored by Juniperl

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