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Red wine and leg warmers… the appeal is real! (Even if it is still summer!)

Updated: Sep 1, 2021

Snuggling up with leg warmers, snacks and a glass of red might well have all the making’s of a perfect winter’s evening, but given that the currency of cosy is currently at a premium… who are we to say no?

Of course, it helps that this year’s summer is decidedly autumn-like, but the unseasonal chillyness aside…there’s enough incentive in a bag of Cheese & Onion Love Corn, teamed with a glass of liquid velvet, to get us turning in our flip flops and sundresses a bit early!

What is so appealing about this ‘new cosy’, isn’t just that it speaks (via our tastebuds) to the blanket-swathed, roaring-fire-fiend within us all!

It also, quite refreshingly, comes with some welcome exceptions to those ‘traditional’ rules of Hygge, that can often make even idleness feel like an effort.

First and foremost, off the record…tech is ok! ‘The alternative cosy’ doesn’t disavow technology completely. Instead, it acknowledges that sometimes a bit of mindless zoning out might be just what we need, and the best we can muster.

Granted, sipping, snacking and scrolling away an afternoon is not particularly sociable, nor is it productive. What it is, however, is honest.

Honest in that disconnecting is not always the answer, and that ‘wasted time’ cannot be counted as such, when it has the effect of smoothing even SOME of life’s hard edges.

As always, balance and moderation are as important as ever, but with Love Corn’s tasty corn bites being made from simple ingredients (corn, sunflower oil and seasoning), striking this happy medium has never been easier.

On the occasion of National Red Wine Day, it might well be all about the rouge, but with more winning credentials than you can shake your slipper at - vegan, gluten free and non-GMO - Love Corn could just steal the march on that Merlot yet!!

Sponsored by Love Corn

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