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School run solace

Updated: May 28

School runs are synonymous with…stress!

⏰ It’s the race against the clock.

🚙 The traffic.

🚘 The parking!

It’s no wonder, really, that 3pm is so universally couched in dread!

Quite paradoxically, however, this is the one part of the day, now, that I almost find myself looking FORWARD to the most.

With zero internet connection in this particular part of the sticks, where the school is located, I find myself strong-armed into something more… old-school.

Like reading!

Often, the ‘reading’ isn’t much.

Maybe a page… or two, but those pages - they all add up!

I wasn’t quite sure, initially, WHAT exactly they added up to, but in the case of THIS particular book (‘Losing Eden’ by @lucyfjones)…the take-home is tangible.

It’s notes, upon notes… jotted down in haste, and then forgotten just as quickly!

These notes remind me of those impulsive texts sent on nights out. Notes that have a habit of the next day, looking starkly unfamiliar, but then all-of-sudden… the penny drops!

‘People experience awe and average of two and a half times a week.’

One particular note said…

This is important, why!? I hear you ask.

Well, mainly because ‘awe reduces activity in the default mode network - the area of the brain associated with the sense of self,’ apparently.

I feel there’s a blog post in this discovery somewhere, but this might be something for another day. Maybe!

In the meantime, I’m resonating with what a connection on Linkedin (@itsallabouthealth_uk ) shared recently, about the importance of ‘learning time,’ and how it’s so important, but also often the first thing to slide… when busyness (or a change of schedule) comes about.

With half term just around the corner, my daily ‘book time’ will surely soon all but disappear… to the detriment of that part of my brain which has come to depend on these little crumbs of learning time!

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