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Supermarkets: Helping us re-indulge in the easily-forgotten art of browsing!

Updated: Oct 28, 2022

I have to admit, I’ve always been an online groceries kinda girl!

Just recently, however, the one-tap world of digital food shopping has somewhat lost its shine, to say the least!

Against the backdrop of remote working, and the general amazonification of EVERYTHING, all that was once so appealing about supplies-by-smartphone (the lack of queues, and the fact it can be done in pyjamas)… is now the very reason I dislike it, and why hot footing it to @waitrose_maidenhead always looks infinitely more appealing, whenever the schedule allows.

Besides the lack of ‘tech neck’, there are many reasons why a basket in hand and a real hand-written list in the other…feels so old-school satisfying in its real-worldly-ness.

A chance to re-indulge in the easily-forgotten art of browsing, for one!?

This process in itself, pays as much dividends in meal-planning inspiration, as it does in digital disconnection dues.

Not only this, what a trip to the actual supermarket does, as well, is to swerve all that substitute item stress which, for me, has gradually outweighed the convenience incentives of online shopping, one unwanted pack of own-brand biscuits at a time!

I appreciate, all this might sound rather like the middle age musings of nothing-better-to-ramble-about mum, but it does confirm at least one thing…

That is, that it’s not called the ‘super’ market for nothing!

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