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TEA SAVES THE DAY: ‘Tea is a tried and trusted coping mechanism in its own right’

Updated: Apr 28, 2021

If you’ve ever felt the day’s stresses melt away into a mug of hot tea, you’ll probably agree that putting the kettle on is not just about quenching thirst. It’s a tried and trusted coping mechanism in its own right.

This effect, which owes as much to the ritual (the boiling and the brewing) as it does that head-clearing elixir of hot, smooth nectar... is one we can’t help but come back to whenever the need for an ‘and breathe’ moment demands.

Tea, on so many levels, has a knack of saving the day, and in the case of one tea brand in particular, Greenypeeps, the satisfaction is more than mug deep!

Greenypeeps are the world's first carbon negative tea brand, who boast a truly delicious range of teas that also positively impact the planet.

With each delicious brew helping to 'pay it forward' in a way that resonates with our modern need to live more sustainably, Greenypeeps are certainly switching up the tea break standard!

This in mind, tea devotees will need no persuasion getting on board with the sentiment of this year's National Tea Day, and the drive to celebrate the unique joy of this national drink.

Speaking of joy... Greenypeeps quality teas use only the finest, hand-picked, organic ingredients for purity and flavour in every cup. Not only this, Greenypeeps invest in capturing over twice as much carbon as their products release. That’s carbon negative. Also 3% of all Greenypeeps sales goes directly to help local farmers plant and care for rainforest trees to regenerate the natural biome in southern Sri Lanka.

Their specially formulated fair trade tea bags are non-bleached, entirely plastic-free and packed in recyclable or compostable packaging, making Greenypeeps the brew of choice for eco-conscious tea drinkers everywhere.

With a delicious range that includes Pure Spiced Chai, English Breakfast and a Calming Bedtime Blend, there is a flavour for every taste...and time of day. From the Monday morning get-go, to the late afternoon heave-ho. The nighty-nights... to the not-feeling-quite-rights!

Tea is the answer, whatever the question!

Sponsored by Greenypeeps

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