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Updated: Oct 22, 2021

Anyone who has ever played the game ‘Would You Rather…’ will probably relate to how much easier it is to make a decision, when it's between one thing or another, and when the ability to overthink and analyse is removed from the equation.

Those on-the-spot, either-or decisions are - if the 'paradox of choice' is to be believed - a much more accurate representation of our true wants and needs, than the somewhat swayed conclusions of over-thought and analysis.

As such, we'd be inclined to think that 'Would You Rather' has a take-home that extends beyond its potential for entertainment value, this autumn.

Mindful of the higher-choice game of life we're steadily settling back into, there comes a risk, otherwise, that the 'analysis paralysis' that flourished in pre-lockdown life, might once again rear it's not-so-pretty, self-doubting head!

Of course, having MORE choices is going a long way to helping us to feel free and enlivened, which is important... let's not take away from that. However, with the beauty and opportunity of options* (*so many options!!!) often comes an irony of inaction, and this is something which it pays, perhaps, to keep in mind.

Whether the dilemma is to go out… or stay in. Tea… or wine? Book… or Netflix? There's definite value, we'd say, in swerving the vortex of over-choice, and instead allowing instinct (and maybe a five second countdown) to do their worst!

🏡 In

🫖 Tea

📕 Book

(Just saying!)

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