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Feel inspired through the winter blues

It’s easy to feel a little low and go into hibernation over the winter months and forget to live fully and rather wish the winter away, as we dream about the summer. However there is a way to embrace it, actually utilise this time instead and put a spring in your step. I personally remember looking forward to the winter months because that’s when the classes I would take in the evenings would start and I would get to learn new things and meet knew people.

I think I always knew the power of having a “hobby”, considering I managed to turn mine into my full time career, and how it can uplift the mood. However, as I was writing my latest book “Reinvent ME” and especially the chapter on Nurture (focusing on nurturing ourselves and our talents) I started researching and speaking to people about the things they do to nurture themselves. I then realised that taking up a hobby could do much more than just take you through the winter a little happier. I believe it can help you become unstuck, ignite your passion within and get your creativity flowing. I heard so many stories from people about how having a hobby - something that sparked joy and something they were passionate about - to turn to on a regular basis, would help them in other areas of their lives like relationships and careers. Many would say things like “I’m so much more fun to be around”, “I’m more productive in my job because of it”, “I’m a better partner” all because of having a hobby the cared about.

In certain situations, without it being intentional, it would even lead to a career change, not just a change in mood. One person I know went from taking sewing classes to setting up a business designig clothes. Whether it’s a physical activity or simply studying something that fascinates you doesn’t matter. What matters is that you enjoy it. When we do things for ourselves, we allow ourselves to connect to who we truly are away from our day to day routines, which makes us remember to stay playful and curious. It’s important to nurture ourselves so that we can be all that we need to be for ourselves and others in life.

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