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Healthy biscuit day

Biscuits have got a bad rep, and not necessarily for good reason. Yes... the majority of manufactured versions are high in both sugar and saturated fat, the two ingredients we know better than to eat too much of in terms of a healthy lifestyle. The home-cooked, wholegrain versions of this snack favourite shouldn’t, however, be lumped in the same category as the refined super-sweet stereotype. Making biscuits from scratch is relatively easy, and the resultant snacks can not only be enjoyed as part of a balanced diet; they can even contribute towards your daily nutritional needs. Using a combination of complex carbohydrate and protein ingredients, such as wholemeal flour and pumpkin seeds, will ensure a slow release of energy, together with a useful boost of vitamins and minerals. For taste value, using the likes of agave nectar and coconut oil rather than sugar and butter means that a biscuit break can actually boost as opposed to burden your body. Swap your usual accompanying tea or coffee with a fresh mint tea, and you’ve got a winning formula for avoiding the mid-afternoon energy slump that, ironically, might otherwise trigger those irresistible biscuit cravings! The result... less calories overall, better nutrition, higher energy and no feelings of harddonebyness on the likes of National Biscuit Day! Happy healthy dunking!

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